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Pauline Gervais / Margie Gillis Program 2

Cinquième Salle September 16, 2021

This event has ended

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In a dimension altered by technology, four protagonists struggle to find new bearings. Together, they try to connect their own matrices to those of others in a quest for shared identity. Those who were once men and women now live together as one people in a land of virtual borders. MMXX is a new process that allows its digital entities to escape isolation. Despite their restricted movements, the four android dancers manage to transcend distance and solitude. Their disjointed, frenetic, synchronized gestures generate a mirage of unity and tenderness. She and he. He and she. The nebulous nature of this quartet survives thanks to the power of numbers and the repeating multiplication of MMXX...

This new selection of solos was created during the pandemic, in collaboration with the dancers of the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation’s Legacy Project. Histoires d’isolement program 2 is a product of the joys and frailties experienced during the lockdown. Although the performers were fortunate enough to have homes, friends and support networks, they deeply yearned to dance. Their struggles and experiences served as the starting point for each of the pieces. The themes that emerged were isolation, overwhelming responsibility and the desire to help others, the search for deeper inner strength, suspended time, explosive frustration, the excitement of spring and new growth, the search for gentleness of the heart, abandonment and vulnerability.


Masks must be worn at all times

Vaccine passport required
Masks must be worn at all times

Vaccine passport required

Please note that physical distancing protocols are in effect for this performance, which means that 1 seat will remain empty on each side of seated spectators, except for spectators from the same family bubble.

To attend the performance, ticketholders must comply with the usual health and safety measures, in addition to meeting the following two criteria:

  • All spectators aged 13 and up must show a vaccine passport, along with a proof of ID, at the entrance to the performance hall. A photo ID is required for people of ages 16 to 74.

  • All spectators aged 10 and up must wear a face covering at all times: when circulating and during the performance (masks are also strongly recommended for children of ages 2 to 9).

For more information on the health and safety measures in effect at Place des Arts or to read our FAQ, please see the COVID-19 page.

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