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Oumaima el Khalil

Cinquième Salle November 3, 2018

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Promising moments of majestic solemnity, Lebanese singer Oumaima el Khalil will provide an unbridled performance in her first solo appearance in Montréal. Heart in hand, Oumaima reminds us each time she performs of her commitment to the Palestinian cause and of her cultural legacy, which she never leaves behind. There is still “something deserving of life,” as stated so aptly by Mahmoud Darwish, some of whose poems she has interpreted.

Faithful to her extensive career, having long stood out with the group El Mayadine alongside the celebrated Marcel Khalifé, she will sing, in her soft, ethereal voice, lyrics that are both committed and poignant. Asfour tall men echebbak, takabar and Ana rah ghanik are among the songs that have long captivated the hearts of millions of music-lovers in the Arab world.

A performer with a career rich in outstanding artistic encounters with renowned composers, she has sung the words of famous poets including Mahmoud Darwish, Badr Chaker El Sayyab, Talal Haidar, Chawki BzaÏ, Mohammed Abdullah and Henry Zgheib. Accompanied by her spouse, the pianist and composer Hani Siblini, along with seasoned Montréal musicians, Oumaima el Khalil promises us an evening filled with emotion and nostalgia, an ode to life, love and resistance.





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