Opening concert: Tentacle Tribe / Pauline Gervais

Cinquième Salle September 6, 2019

This event has ended

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Pauline Garvais / Pauline Berndsen Danse - Temps Mémoire

December 1952. The great smog of London. The opacity erases all traces and markers in a world that continues to live. In this environment of smoke, two men and a woman meet to never separate again. Thusly joined, they combine their strength and courage and advance despite their blindness. With fluid and disjoined gestures, they are inexorably entangled, oscillating between distress and hope in the search for clarity and answers. An unexpected chemistry emerges from this alliance, creating an unwavering and eternal connection.

Emmanuelle Lê Phan et Elon Höglund / Tentacle Tribe - Synecdoche

Synecdoche, when you speak of a part but refers to the whole thing or vice versa. This piece is made up of sections from previous works of the Swedish-Canadian duo to pay tribute to some of their favourite choreographies and Tentacle Tribe movement universe.

The piece showcases some of Montreals finest street dancers. Some of the choreographic material from their previous works has been reworked and adapted. New costumes, new lighting, new chronology, new choreography to bring back the thrill of a new experience.


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