Memories of the World by Oktoecho

Théâtre Maisonneuve August 18, 2023

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From the Middle East to Spain and the Arctic, the melodies of this concert connect and intertwine, weaving diverse styles in a quest for harmony. A call to exploration, this program creates a fascinating world in which various musical traditions are echoed in the sounds of today. Enjoy this epic journey with the Oktoecho ensemble!

Katia MAKDISSI-WARREN, Razzia (8 min.)
Katia MAKDISSI-WARREN et Gustavo CABILI, Orient-Tango (7 min.)
Katia MAKDISSI-WARREN, Double Concerto for kamanche and kanun (6 min.)
Didem BAŞAR, Double Concerto for kamanche and kanun (6 min.)
Katia MAKDISSI-WARREN, Mémoires (5 min.)
Bertil SCHULRABE et Joseph KHOURY, Percussions duo (3 min.)
Didem BAŞAR, Kervan [Caravan] (5 min.)
Katia MAKDISSI-WARREN, Tango sans sang (4 min.)
Katia MAKDISSI-WARREN, Lydia ETOK, Nina SEGALOWITZ, Création pour chant de gorge et orchestre à cordes (3 min.)
Anthony ROZANKOVIC, Andalous Shoes (5 min.)


  • Venue : Théâtre Maisonneuve
  • Producer / Presenter : Orchestre symphonique de Montréal (OSM)
  • Seats : general admission. On the Théâtre Maisonneuve stage
  • Artists : Katia Makdissi-Warren, Didem Başar, Binnaz Celik, Nina Segalowitz, Lydia Etok, Ziad Chbat, Khalil Moqadem, Bertil Schulrabe, Joseph Khoury, Yoel Diaz
  • Artists : Lizann Gervais, Sofia Yatsyuk, Robert Margaryan, Valérie Belzile, Ana Drobac, Veronika Cherniak, Pemi Paul, Amina Tebini, Carla Antoun, Marc Labranche, Reuven Rothman
  • Coproduction : OKTOECHO
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