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Marianne Trudel and Yannick Rieu, with the Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal

Cinquième Salle February 17, 2024

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Under the direction of Jean-Nicolas Trottier, the String Ensemble of the Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal (ECO) is delighted to welcome pianist and composer Marianne Trudel and saxophonist Yannick Rieu in a program of works for strings and rhythm section.

Marianne Trudel's suite Sources: "Water: inspiring, essential, vital. Source of life, wonder, soothing, energy. Source of wisdom, movement, change. The river... Immense. The sea, as if for the first time. Rivers, lakes, waterfalls and streams. Rain, dew, mist and frost. Tears, saliva. Thirst, desire." - Marianne Trudel

On the other hand, Focus, a suite recorded in 1961 with Stan Getz on tenor saxophone, will be performed this time by Yannick Rieux. Focus was originally commissioned by Getz from composer and arranger Eddie Sauter. Widely regarded as a high point in both men's careers, Getz would later describe Focus as his favorite of his albums. Sauter's orchestration did not include melodies for Getz. Instead, Sauter left space in the arrangements for Getz to improvise.





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