Lo Fi Dance Theory / Maya Orchin / Next Zone

Cinquième salle September 11, 2019

Lene Boel / Next Zone - Immortality

IMMORTALITY explores man’s dream of immortality, which has been the basis of much philosophical and religious thought since the beginning of humanity. Here, the work do not only focus on the history, traditions and rituals but also the futuristic visions of scientists: the immortality of the future through artificial rejuvenation of the body or the liberation from the body as the only home of the human mind.

IMMORTALITY is interpreted by the Japanese dancer Ismaera Takeo Ishii, who is one of the rare dancers strongly founded in both butoh dance and urban dance on a high level. The strong inner focus of the butoh dance mixed with the explosive characteristics of urban dance creates an interesting choreographic space for choreographer Lene Boel who excels in combining ultra-precise gestures with extreme physical movement.

Maya Orchin - In the Wake

In the wake is an exploration into the depths of fear, how it manipulates our perceptions and twists the fabric of our consciousness. This piece beckons the viewer into a dissected existence, torn between the physicality of real-life traumas and the existential unfolding that follows. How can the fears morph once embodied? The dancers navigate in a hyper vibrational space creating a new landscape that’s filled with a vigorous and electric scene.  They put their own experiences on stage together with a futuristic dimension, giving birth to something unexpected. Their own stories become entangled with the others culminating with what was once initially a solo expedition it transforms into a chaotic and exciting adventure.

Wynn Holmes - Porcelain

Any child of a beloved icon is guaranteed a tough time escaping their shadow, but Porcelain has had it tougher than most, a state of affairs not much helped by the fact that his career has thus far evinced something of the leisurely hobbyist. Porcelain explores ancestry, masculinity, physical endurance and ability.


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