Les Wonder-Trois-Quatre et leurs invités : Arnaud Soly et Sylvie Moreau

Théâtre Jean-Duceppe July 15, 2019

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At each show, Les Wonder-Trois-Quatre receive a guest artist who comes to have fun with them. Exceptionally, this summer at the Festival, they will receive 2 guests, Arnaud Soly and Sylvie Moreau.

For more than 8 years, and after more than a hundred concerts, the Wonder-Trois-Quatre have brilliantly built improvised songs on stage. Playing with the constraints of a crazy radio host and inspired by the ideas collected from the audience before the concert, they build without difficulty and in all musical styles, songs to create a fake radio show. Far from "jamming", the musicians are guided in improvisation by an experienced conductor who deploys a complex and playful game of signs, which represent notes, rhythms, textures and musical styles, and which constitute a score written before your eyes! Les Wonder-Trois-Quatre are nine talented and experienced artists. Directed by Eric Desranleau (LNI, Mes Aïeux), the band brings together guitarist Sylvain Pohu, bassist Eric Bégin, drummer Jean-Sébastien Nicol, keyboardist Gaëtan Troutet, keyboardist and trombonist Benoît Rocheleau and singers Sophie Caron and Christian The door. Les Wonder-Trois-Quatre...the band that never plays the same song twice.


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