World Music

Les Possédés (The Possessed)

Théâtre Maisonneuve November 12, 2022

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In this remounting of Les Possédés, which originally premiered in 2006, the FMA invites you to let go of your fears and give in to the Dionysian impulse of trance music, the all-encompassing world of electronica with its ecstatic and psychedelic horizons.

Caught up in cyclical, swirling convulsions, those who dare to welcome trance into their hearts will find themselves in a strange new kingdom of ancient, mysterious powers. At the 23rd FMA, Les Possédés will offer a one-of-a-kind musical experience performed with unflinching virtuosity, a blazing inferno of sounds that echoes in the deepest reaches of the soul, where instinct takes over and claims its rightful place. 

Hello Psychaleppo (electro-tarab, visuals and musical direction)
Ahmad Azrak & Lena Chamamyan (voice)
Fourat Koyo (gnawa)
Mohamed Masmoudi (co-musical direction)


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