Le DJ Battle

Cinquième Salle July 20, 2019

This event has ended

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Rendez-vous at the DJ Battle - Scratch for Laughs - where two generations of DJs and comedians compete to make you laugh and dance to the best beats of their time in a series of challenges. A perfect mix between the DMC World DJ Championship and an LNI improv match.

The OLD SCHOOL team composed of Eddy King, Easy El Dee and Zaltron - have the mandate to use only the sounds of their youth, the years 2000 and under while Nana Zen and his team NEW SCHOOL, Las K Way and DJ Tall and Skiinny will only have access to post 2000 music. All animated by the hilarious duet Aba & Preach and refereed by the young comedian Emile Khoury.


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