Le Clône est triste

Théâtre Jean-Duceppe From July 18 To 20, 2019

This event has ended

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We are in the future, but not so far away. End of the century, the 21st to be exact. The baby boomers have long since disappeared, as the last specimens were shipped to the moon by the UN (one-way!) After a unilateral Crime Against Earth. In the same breath, the cloning is decreed formally prohibited, "at once a boomer would have the odious idea to clone in secret", the World would never recover.

The years pass until the day when Gilles Douillette, a highly ordinary citizen, discovers the hard way that he is a clone. But whose clone? That's a mystery ...

Guided by the Club des Marquis (a group of social investigators), the now fugitive Gilles Douillette scrutinizes the infinite details of this poignant plot to find out who, how and especially why his "creator" has designed in his own image. Who is truly the last Baby Boomer?


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