L'après-midi tombe quand tes biscuits se ruinent

Cinquième Salle November 5, 2023

Snippets of stories from daily life… sometimes funny... sometimes scathing... sometimes serious and grave... but always surprising! 

L’après-midi tombe quand tes biscuits se ruinent is a performance in which two artists explore the opposition and relationship between the child’s soul and the adult’s soul in scathing, serious, and surprising scenes. 

With a vocabulary encompassing circus arts, dance, clowning, and theatre, the two artists create various tableaux, offbeat images, and scenes inspired by typical behaviors related to these phases of life. 


  • Venue : Cinquième Salle
  • Producer / Presenter : Place des Arts
  • Language : without words
  • Ages : 5+
  • Duration : 50 minutes
  • Creation : La Croustade
  • Stage Directors and Performers : Eline Guélat & Vincent Jutras
  • Lighting Designer : Julie Brosseau Doré | Dramaturgical Advisor : Didier Lucien | Sound Design Advisor : Maxime Lambert | Outside eye for object staging : Pierre-Louis Renaud | Lighting Design Assistant : Tristan-Olivier Breiding
  • Shows in the Place des Arts junior series are made possible through : the financial support of the Fondation de la Place des Arts.

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