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La récréation de Mozart

Piano Nobile January 20, 2019

This event has ended

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Dive into the world of the great composer Mozart and discover one of his many inspiration: the clarinet.

Immersed in the world of the child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, children will discover his infinite sources of inspiration. One afternoon Mozart and his big sister, Maria Anna, find themselves home alone for an hour of free time! Excited by the freedom to run around and have fun without parental supervision, Mozart imagines various fantasy scenarios while his sister tries to bring him back down to earth. That’s when their good friend Anton shows up with a magnificent instrument: the clarinet! This instrument only further fuels and drives Mozart’s imagination. Watch Mozart, Maria Anna, and Anton explore the world of classical music as Mozart is told to finish his composition homework before his parents get home!


  • Producer / Presenter : Les spectacles Place des Arts
  • Venue : Piano Nobile
  • Presented by : Place des Arts and Jeunesses Musicales Canada
  • Artists : Amélie Fortin, piano: Mozart - Amélie Lamontagne, violin: Maria - Anna David Perreault, clarinet: Anton
  • Authors : François Racine and Geneviève Rivard
  • Stage direction : François Racine
  • Scenography : Katie Messier
  • Illustration : Lorraine Beaudoin
  • Age : 3+
  • Duration : 40 minutes



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