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Maison symphonique August 19, 2023

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This concert will appeal to both film buffs and those eager to explore some of cinema's most iconic soundtracks offscreen. The Pink Panther, Cinema Paradiso, Forrest Gump, Schindler’s List, and more—many signature melodies shape the repertoire of FILMharmonique, Canada’s premier film music orchestra.

John LUNN, Downton Abbey (Thème principal) (3 min.)
Bernard HERRMANN, Psycho (Prélude) (2 min.)
Ennio MORRICONE, Cinema Paradiso (Thème principal) (3 min.)
Ennio MORRICONE, The Mission (Gabriel's Oboe), (3 min.)
Henry MANCINI, La panthère rose, (3 min.)
Michael GIACCHINO, Ratatouille (medley), (5 min.)
François DOMPIERRE, Augustine (4’30)
Alan SILVESTRI, Forrest Gump (2 min.)
Howard SHORE, Concerning Hobbits (4 min.)
John WILLIAMS, Schindler's List (4’30)
John WILLIAMS, Memoirs of a Geisha (7 min.)
Carlos GARDEL, Por una Cabeza (4 min.)


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