Kronos Quartet - Five Decades

Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier February 25, 2024

This event has ended

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The Kronos Quartet show —scheduled on February 25, 2024— has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Ticket holders will be reimbursed directly.

For 50 years, San Francisco’s Grammy-winning Kronos Quartet and its nonprofit Kronos Performing Arts Association have reimagined the string quartet experience through thousands of concerts, more than 70 recordings, collaborations with performers across myriad genres, and more than 1,000 commissioned works from composers worldwide, including as part of the monumental Kronos Fifty for the Future, an online library of 50 compositions offered for free to musicians everywhere.



Kronos Quartet
1979 | Photo credit: Inconnu
Kronos Quartet
1987 | Photo credit: Beatriz Schiller
Kronos Quartet
1999 | Photo credit: Jay Blakesberg
Kronos Quartet
2006 | Photo credit: Zoran Orlic
Kronos Quartet
2010 | Photo credit: Jay Blakesberg
Kronos Quartet
2020 | Photo credit: Lenny Gonzalez


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