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Justin Guitard - En chair et en gloss

Salle Claude-Léveillée November 13, 2023

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At the age of 11, Justin Guitard was recruited by a supposed artist manager from Montreal, who came to settle in the middle of nowhere, in Dalhousie, New Brunswick. This man, who became his agent, sold him for more than a year the dream, leaving the young Justin to believe that he would become the next Celine Dion and emptying the pockets of his parents. Until the day when the whole family learned that the man in question was in fact a dangerous criminal wanted by the police and that he was hiding in New Brunswick under a false identity. The unfortunate event would cause Justin to stop singing for more than 20 years...until the day he came across this mysterious man again...

A few years later, against all expectations, he presents a show based on the best songs from his two albums, in addition to several striking tales from this unlikely story. En chair et en gloss, it's a sight unlike anything you've seen before.

The artist is accompanied on stage by Marielle Fontaine and Noémie Robichaud, two young Acadian singers, of whom he is today the manager... He promises not to end up in prison and not, in turn, to break their dream!

In Montreal, for one night only, enjoy!


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