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Since May 14, masks are no longer required in our performance halls and public spaces. Wearing a mask is optional and the choice remains at the discretion of the individual. See details


A Journey Through time

Cinquième Salle June 13, 2021

This event has ended

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Rediscover the legendary music of The Legend of Zelda with the Laurence Manning Trio, founded in May 2020 by Quebec pianist, composer and arranger Laurence Manning. Along with Lou Dunand-Vincent (cellist) and Daphnée Sincennes Richard (violinist), the trio will take you on a journey through time that will make you relive the best moments of the franchise. Together, they will give life to this epic, heart-rending music in an enchanting performance filled with passion and delight!


Masks must be worn at all times

Vaccine passport required
Masks must be worn at all times

Vaccine passport required

Please note that physical distancing protocols are in effect for this performance, which means that 1 seat will remain empty on each side of seated spectators, except for spectators from the same family bubble.

To attend the performance, ticketholders must comply with the usual health and safety measures, in addition to meeting the following two criteria:

  • All spectators aged 13 and up must show a vaccine passport, along with a proof of ID, at the entrance to the performance hall. A photo ID is required for people of ages 16 to 74.

  • All spectators aged 10 and up must wear a face covering at all times: when circulating and during the performance (masks are also strongly recommended for children of ages 2 to 9).

For more information on the health and safety measures in effect at Place des Arts or to read our FAQ, please see the COVID-19 page.

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