Théâtre Jean-Duceppe From April 9 To May 10, 2025

“Dear Madame Bertrand,
I am 40 years old. You are 99. I feel like I know you, because I grew up with you. When I was a child, the voices of those you gave words to came to me through the television. My mother truly admired you. You inspired her on her journey; you guided her in her independence, and she passed on a hundredfold what you taught her. Thanks to your work, I grew up in a society where I can write, say, and do, a society where being a woman no longer forces me to walk a narrow path that has already been laid out for me. The strength of your voice is still transforming the world, the wider world, with a capital W, along with all the little, intimate worlds. And something has become clear to me: my mother, my daughter, and I owe you so much.”

Rébecca Déraspe

With this new creation that celebrates Janette Bertrand, Rébecca Déraspe imagines a lively conversation between the grande dame, played by Guylaine Tremblay, and several generations of characters. They carry us through the years, evoking milestones in Janette’s life, which revolutionized women’s lives and woke up all of Québec. Janette Bertrand had the courage to open up a new conversation, a transgressive conversation; she moved beyond prejudice and stared down taboos; she defended her convictions and called out injustices. A captivating, vibrant theatrical portrait, written by one of the most prolific and talented authors of her generation, working with Janette Bertrand herself and with Duceppe's artistic co-director Jean-Simon Traversy as director, Janette shines a light on the inestimable legacy of this pioneer and is an incredible opportunity to pay tribute to her while connecting with our history as a society.

“Janette is a messenger. She has helped others so much. I admire her because she was at the heart, even at the vanguard, of the social movements of the 20th century. Through Rébecca’s razor-sharp writing, we want to celebrate this towering figure in Québec culture.”

Jean-Simon Traversy


  • Venue : Théâtre Jean-Duceppe
  • Producer / Presenter : Duceppe
  • Language : in French only
  • Playwright : Rébecca Déraspe | In conversation with : Janette Bertrand | Director : Jean-Simon Traversy
  • Performers : Zoé Lajeunesse-Guy, Jean-Philippe Perras, Sébastien Rajotte, Phara Thibault, Guylaine Tremblay, Cynthia Wu-Maheux
  • Assistant director : Marie-Hélène Dufort | Scenic design : Odile Gamache | Costumes : Cynthia St-Gelais | Lighting : Martin Labrecque

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