Invitation to the Journey/Tim Casson/Menka Nagrani/Jane Mappin

Cinquième Salle September 8, 2017

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Fiend - Casson & Friends, Tim Casson, London, United Kingdom, 2016, Montreal premier
Tim Casson combines artistic performance and digital technology in dancing Vaslav Nijinsky’s classic Afternoon of a faun (repertoire of Russian ballets by Diagalev) his own way. FIEND is the fruit of a collaboration with digital artist Tom Butterworth. In this piece, Tim Casson multiplies himself before your eyes in a fraction of a second, reinfusing this great work with new breath. This unparalleled dancer and choreographer has worked for several choreographers in London, including Jasmin Vardimon, Nigel Charnock and Ben Wright.

  • Performer Tim Casson
  • Choreographer Tim Casson
  • Music (composition) Claude Debussy and Jamie McCarthy
  • Computer Programming and Operation Tom Butterworth
  • Costumes Jay Barry Matthews
  • Lighting David Salter
  • Supported by dancedigital & University of Bedfordshire, Greenwich Dance, DanceEast Jasmin Vardimon Company and Arts Council England.


Bonne fête ! - Menka Nagrani, Montreal, World premier
Choreographer, scenographer and multidisciplinary artist, Menka Nagrani presents engaging performances, at the intersection of contemporary dance and experimental theatre. Since 2004, her work integrates atypical artists with the goal of inspiring philosophic reflections and of questioning social norms. In this piece, two enthusiastic artists, Gabrielle Marion Rivard (principal dancer for the film Gabrielle) and Olivier Rousseau, candidly invite us into their absurd and refreshing universe. Based on a text by David Paquet, they explore through poetry and humour the concept of solitude and the difficulty of forging ties between human beings. Bonne fête ! has benefited from a creative residency at UQAM’s Department of Dance.

  • Performers Gabrielle Marion-Rivard, Olivier Rousseau
  • Choreographer Menka Nagrani
  • Costumes Pierrick Fréchette
  • Music Maëva Clermont
  • Acknowledgments: Productions des pieds des mains and UQAM.


IamWeAre - Jane Mappin, Montreal, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, World premiere
Montreal choreographer and dancer for the last 30 years, Jane Mappin does not cease to captivate the FQD audience. This time, she invites dancer Jacinthe Giroux (3rd FQD appearance) and eight other dancers in a creation celebrating the resilience and beauty of life. In this piece, the inclusive mix of dancers transcend the pain of being and awake in each of us a joie de vivre.

  • Performers Colette de Bellefeuille, Pierre Crête, Eugenie Gagnadre, Jacinte Giroux, Penelope Goulet-Simard, Lynn Langlois, Marie-Diane Lee, Catherine Clemyze, Pierre Provencher
  • Choreographer Jane Mappin, Jacinte Giroux
  • External Viewpoint: Jacinte Giroux
  • Music (composition) Erich Kory & Pink Martini
  • Costumes Les danseurs
  • Text: Lynn Langlois Extracts from the book « Ma vie est une série BIP »

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