Ils étaient dix d’Agatha Christie

Théâtre Maisonneuve January 23, 2025

Ils étaient dix is Agatha Christie's most popular novel, with 100 million copies sold since its publication in 1939. Adapted for the stage, this detective comedy is just as captivating. The cast, including Vincent Bellefleur, Vicky Bertrand, Jean-François Blanchard, Stéphane Blanchette, Marc-André Coallier, Maxime Cournoyer, Mireille Deyglun, Élizabeth Duperré, Pierre Gendron and Jonathan Michaud, takes great pleasure in weaving the intrigues of the “Queen of Crime”!

The plot, well known to all, continues to arouse the same passion. Ten seemingly unconnected people are invited to an island, to a magnificent house perched on a rock off the English coast. But no one is there to greet them. And there is no trace of the mysterious Mr O'nyme, owner of Soldier Island. The only presence is a disembodied voice accusing each guest of murder, as they mysteriously disappear one by one. Who will be the next victim? Whose hand is it that strikes in the shadows? The table is set for analyzing, dissecting and probing the human soul.

Ils étaient dix  is a mythical, must-see work that will appeal to young and old alike. Thrills and chills guaranteed!


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