Hofesh Shechter Company - Double Murder

Théâtre Maisonneuve From November 2 To 5, 2022

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After four appearances at Danse Danse, Hofesh Shechter and his 10 virtuoso dancers return with Double Murder, a double bill of two contrasting pieces, both charged with the choreographer’s distinctive tribal and contagious energy.

Set to music by Hofesh Shechter himself, Double Murder plunges into the heart of our deepest emotions. Clowns is an incisive nod to our growing indifference to violence. How far are we prepared to go in the name of entertainment? This biting comedy of murder and lust sweeps us into a whirlwind of choreographed anarchy. Originally created for Nederlands Dans Theater, the work was adapted for film by the BBC and has been shown at numerous festivals. To the explosive saraband of Clowns, Shechter contrasts the hypnotic atmosphere of The Fix, a sensitive counterpoint in half-tones, a shield protecting us from the aggression and cynicism of the world. A poignantly beautiful moment of humanity, a work of violence, tenderness and hope.


  • Producer / Presenter : Danse Danse
  • Venue : Théâtre Maisonneuve
  • Photo credit (Clowns) : Todd MacDonald. Dancers: Rachel Fallon, Natalia Gabrielczyk, Hannah Shepherd, Mickaël Frappat, Adam Khazhmuradov, Robinson Cassarino.
2022/2023 Season
Packages and Subscriptions with Danse Danse Available
2022/2023 Season
Packages and Subscriptions with Danse Danse Available


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Hofesh Shechter Company - Double Murder
Stephanie Lake Company - Colossus



Pina Bausch

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Pina Bausch Foundation + École des Sables + Sadler’s Wells- Le sacre du printemps / common ground[s]
Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch - Palermo Palermo


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