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HODA / Victoria May / Hemabharathy Palani

Cinquième Salle September 14, 2018

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La Liberté des sens – HODA, Montreal, Montreal premiere
Spoken-word artist HODA is a “naturally organic dancer” whose body moves to the rhythm of her breathing, her flow, and the words that she speaks. She tells with her words and body her story of having lived in Saudi Arabia as a woman. Speech becomes performative, words make the body move. HODA unveils what inspired her to put words to her life, the interdictions of her birth country, Lebanon, and what helped her face her past. A past where intimacy was stolen by a society that dictates its law. In arriving in Montreal, city of freedom and welcome contrasting with her previous life, she hopes to find her place.

8 wishbones – Victoria May, Montreal, World premiere
Victoria May has danced with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Gothenburg Ballet, and Danish Dance Theatre, she has worked with Louise Bédard Danse, Système D/Dominique Porte, Thea Patterson, Peter Trosztmer, and Danse-Cité. Contemporary dance and theatre-dance choreographer, she explores memory and inferiority in creations inspired by rituals and ceremonies. This magnificent duo by two top performers tells the story of 8 generations through testimonials and dance steps. Following in the footprints of one’s ancestors, passing down memories and traditions for future generations... Victoria May reconciles the past with the present, tracing a serene path for the future.

Yashti – Hemabharathy Palani, Bangalore (India), Montreal premiere
Hemabharathy Palani is a choreographer and performer with rare feline sensuality. Her latest creation, Yashti, integrates contemporary dance, traditional Indian dance vocabulary, and improvisation. In an honest and forthright poem, a feminine voice unveils multiple truths and paints a sensorial and multidimensional portrait of women. An image of womanhood in contemporary India is painted, created from memories of people who have adopted a life that differs from the norm.


  • Venue : Cinquième Salle
  • Producer / Presenter : Festival Quartiers Danses
  • La Liberté des sens : Performer: HODA / Original music: Tyler Fitzmaurice and Greg Debicki / Acknowledgements: Quartiers Danses Festival and Marc Béland
  • 8 wishbones : Dancers/performers: Eve Garnier and Victoria May / Choreographer: Victoria May / Original music: Olivier Girouard / Lighting: Rasmus Sylvest / Acknowledgements: Quartiers Danses Festival
  • Yashti (1/2) : Choreographer and performer: Hemabharathy Palani / Original music: Miguel Marin / Costumes: Aloka D’Souza / Lighting: Shymon Chelad
  • Yashti (2/2) : Acknowledgements: Quartiers Danses Festival, 2Faced Dance Company – The Bench program, Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, and Dance Base
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