World Music

The Gipsy Kings

Maison symphonique September 18, 2018

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The Gipsy Kings featuring Nicolas Reyes & Tonino Baliardo are set to perform in Montreal taking audiences back to the south of France with flamenco guitars and booming Spanish vocals. The band will be performing longtime favorites as well as new songs from their upcoming project Evidence. 
Melding deep-heated flamenco, rumba, salsa and pop to the tune of 20 million albums sold, the Grammy Award-winning hit-makers behind 'Bamboléo' continue to celebrate in their very own, blistering tradition.


  • Producer / Presenter : evenko
  • Venue : Maison symphonique
  • Opening act : PARK88
  • Duration (subject to change without notice) : Opening act : 25 minutes Intermission: 20 minutes Gipsy Kings : 1 : 45
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