French, a language to celebrate!

Salle d'exposition From April 7 To September 4, 2023

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Pointe-à-Callière, Montreal’s Archaeology and History Complex, is going off-site to present a vibrant interactive exhibition on the French language here at home. Delve into the incredible history of the Francophonie in Quebec and in North America!

In America, Quebec is the only society in which most of daily life takes place in French. Much more than just a means of communication, language is a tool for social cohesion, artistic creation, belonging, and identity.

Travel back through 400 years of history and learn about the central role of French in Quebec culture; a living language that continues to be enriched through contact with diverse cultural communities. The exhibition introduces you to those who helped protect French and who furthered its reach through local literature, comedy, theatre, and cinema.

Take part in an unforgettable experience that will get you moving, playing, and dancing to celebrate the wonders of this language and its infinite sounds and nuances!

Test your knowledge of the French language by taking part in a big quiz hosted by Katherine Levac and Richardson Zéphir. Listen as Louise Forestier, Émile Bilodeau, and Jean-Philippe Baril-Guérard present works by local artists and authors who use the French language with talent! Try your hand at a different kind of karaoke, dubbing well-known scenes from Quebec films and TV shows. Play with the words, expressions, and many sounds of Quebec French. Lastly, an art installation will get you moving and dancing to the rhythms of songs that have furthered the reach of the French language around the world!

An exhibition well worth visiting!


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