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Eydís Evensen

Cinquième Salle October 7, 2023

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Some time ago, Eydís Evensen wrote a poem. This poem became the basis of a two-part choir composition, describing “a beautiful light that froze,” before concluding with a glimmer of hard-fought hope. “ljósið fagra lifir enn ljósið fagra lifir enn,” echoing voices on the second part of that composition insist – translating in English to “the beautiful light still survives.” The words were a reminder, to herself and to the world, that no matter the darkness around you, there’ll come a point when the pain will begin to thaw, so it’s always worth holding on. These words ripple through every note and melody of her astonishing second album, titled The Light. It’s a record inspired by the resilience in all of us, she says – our ability to stand firm in the face of personal and collective catastrophe. Emotion is ever-present on The Light, a record that shows not just Evensen’s personal growth but a musical expanding of wings, too. Opener Anna’s Theme is a competitive float that pulls you into a dream-like state, teetered tonally between heartache and hope.


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