Paramètres XXIII

Salle d'exposition From January 13 To 21, 2024

This event has ended

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The annual Paramètres exhibition features student works selected by a jury of artists and teachers, serving as a showcase for emerging artistic practices. The exhibition is focused on the diversity of practices and approaches taught at UQAM’s School of Visual and Media Arts, highlighting the students’ commitment and inventiveness. 

The school favours multidisciplinary training, with Paramètres bearing witness to the richness of its programs through the diversity and quality of the works created by its students.

Works on display by the following students: Agustina Belén Pedrocca, Justine Grégoire, Zacharie Gauvreau, Ange Houtin, Lhasa Simard, Émile Riopel, Raphaëlle Gagné-Nadeau, Eugénie Gaultier Boucher, Mella Minona, Olivia-Larisa Chicos, Lili-Anne Malo, Juliette Demers-Cyr, Marie Di Caro-Debizet, Julia Lamarche, Marie-Laurence Lussier, Véronique Gauthier, Felix Hould and the Collectif WANNS Naomi Bernard, Nathalie Candelon Morel, Samy Kiss, Alice Paquin-Richard and Weimar Troetsch-Rivero. 


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