Être ou ne pas être un douchebag

Coulisses du Théâtre Jean-Duceppe From April 15 To May 2, 2025

He likes to drive and smoke dope. She has been sober for 10 years and gets high on personal growth. He is barely 30; she is nearing 40. Stuck together in a 1.5-square-metre elevator, Karine and Malik can no longer ignore each other. Or pretend they have never seen each other naked. Because these two opposites share a past, experiences they will revisit, to discover that they have very different versions of the story. Trying to pass the time and dispel the unease, the ex-lovers will attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable, as they patiently wait to be sprung.

A downright funny, touching play set in close quarters, Être ou ne pas être un douchebag (To be or not to be a douchebag) looks at interpersonal relationships and the broad continuum between love and one-night stands, with irony and a generous splash of bad faith! Playwright and actor Mary-Lee Picknell takes a fresh look at relationships between women and men, subtly turning the traditional power balance on its head. Witnessing this unlikely reunion, the audience are voyeurs onto this forced, isolated tête-à-tête, which is both funny and revealing. Presented in the early evening as a 5 à 7 performance, Être ou ne pas être un douchebag is the second play from the young playwright, a member of the Les Hébertistes collective.

Être ou ne pas être un douchebag is presented as a 5 à 7 performance backstage at the theatre*


  • Venue : Coulisses du Théâtre Jean-Duceppe
  • Producer / Presenter : Duceppe
  • Language : in French only
  • Seats : general admission
  • Playwright : Mary-Lee Picknell | Director : Guillermina Kerwin | A production of : Les Hébertistes
  • Performers : Mary-Lee Picknell, Vincent Paquette
  • Assistant director and stage manager : Ophélie Lacasse | Scenic design : Marie-Eve Fortier | Costumes : Marie-Audrey Jacques | Lighting : Paul Chambers | Music : Antoine Berthiaume

Rates and schedule

*Inspired by the Scottish concept of A Play, A Pie and A Pint, Duceppe's 5 à 7 series presents short plays, accompanied by a snack and a beer, in an atypical venue: the backstage area of Théâtre Jean-Duceppe. Each audience member is entitled to a drink at the bar (beer, soft drinks or juice), as part of the ticket price.

In an informal, relaxed atmosphere, the 5 à 7 series celebrates a form of theatre rarely seen in Quebec: the one-act play!

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