World Music

Enrico Macias - 60 years of success

Théâtre Maisonneuve November 26, 2022

This event has ended

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After 60 years of a timeless career touring theaters in all countries, Enrico Macias is entering a new decade and will set off on tour again in 2023.

Built on the tempo of one day, Enrico Macias' show blooms with its first successes in a music-hall atmosphere; the day continues until evening to the sound of Arab-Andalusian music, to end in apotheosis with a party like only Enrico knows the secret!

Because Enrico Macias is a Mediterranean man, his songs bring people together and offer themselves as a message of hope and tolerance. With his warm voice and his poetry, he brings generations together and gives us his legendary and sunny smile as a gift.


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