Encounter: Montreal / Madrid, France Roy & Johanne Marie Tremblay / Cia Daniel Abrue

Cinquième Salle September 9, 2017

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Les Grues - France Roy and Johanne Marie Tremblay, Montreal, 2014, 2016, World premiere
France Roy, at times contemporary dance and ballet dancer, coach and professor, has worked with several choreographers and scenographers throughout the years, including Charles-Matthieu Brunel and Howard Richard. For her latest work, LES GRUES, she invites renowned Quebec actor Johanne Marie Tremblay, who has participated in numerous television, theatre and cinematographic productions, alongside great directors such as Denys Arcand, Denis Villeneuve and Léa Pool. In 2014, Johanne Marie Tremblay took her first steps at FQD in the piece Tout ça pour 10 minutes en septembre. 

“We needed a table, chairs, high heels
The gaze of others on us.
Others: the crowd, the audience, the stranger, the unknown.
We set our gaze on them.
From there, everything is transformed:
Looking at them, them, the others
And, from there, forgetting oneself
And, from there, initiating the movement.
Take a step, close your eyes, and take a step…”

- France Roy et Johanne Marie Tremblay

  • Performers France Roy and Johanne Marie Tremblay
  • Choreographers France Roy and Johanne Marie Tremblay


Silencio - Cia Daniel Abreu, Madrid, Spain, 2015, Montreal premiere
Psychologist by training and practice and winner of several dance awards, Daniel Abreu has already successfully closed the FQD in 2015. For its 15th edition, he presents his cult trio Silencio, created in 2013. This piece evokes gravity, noise, repetition, balance, and openness to new directions. The three dancers, one of which is Daniel Abreu, powerfully explore silence and its contrasts.

  • Choreographer Daniel Abreu
  • Music: Masahiro Hiramoto, Christian Fennesz, Diane Warren
  • Costumes: Cía. Daniel Abreu
  • Lighting Irene Cantero
  • Supported by Comunidad de Madrid
  • Collaborators: Centro de Danza Canal, Teatro Cuarta Pared and Teatro Victoria

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