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Drum Tao - 30th anniversary

Théâtre Maisonneuve January 30, 2024

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The percussionists of the world-renowned Drum Tao will be back in Montreal for their 30th anniversary! 

The Oita-based ensemble’s modern and phenomenally dynamic performances celebrate the ancient art of Japanese drumming—specifically using the Wadaiko drum, distinguished by its expressive range of rare and unique sounds. 

More than 9 million people around the world have attended Drum Tao’s unique large-scale performances, featuring highly physical drumming, contemporary costumes, rigorously precise choreography, and innovative visuals. 


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Drum Tao
Drum Tao
Drum Tao
Drum Tao
Drum Tao
Drum Tao




“Extraordinarily talented percussion artists,and seductive, alluring performers”

- Chicago Tribune

“Supernaturally fit and superbly trained... Stunning...”

- Herald
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