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Cinquième Salle From April 12 To 15, 2018

This event has ended

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Luis and Pedro are brothers. Besides family, memories and common experiences, they also share the same profession, hobbies and interests. Two artists, two brothers, dividing and sharing the same stage for the first time. Researching topics such as empathy, intimacy, brotherhood and rivalry, they explore the deeply symbolic weapon of bow and arrow.

Inspired by classic tales, performance art and personal experiences, they mix archery, visual theater and circus, creating subtle, humorous, intelligent and beautiful interpretations of the relationship between brothers.


  • Producer / Presenter : WHS
  • Venue : Cinquième Salle
  • Concept & performance : Luis Sartori do Vale and Pedro Sartori do Vale
  • Co-presenters : Place des Arts and La TOHU
  • Length : 52 minutes
  • Sponsor(s) :


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