The Cuatro: Echos of Venezuela

Salle Claude-Léveillée August 13, 2022

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Come and discover the Venezuelan cuatro – literally “four” in Spanish – an instrument descended from the Spanish classical guitar and a cousin of the ukulele. Since the early 18th century, the four strings of the cuatro have resonated with the sounds of numerous South American folk songs, telling the stories of various nations and inspiring a great many composers. Venezuelan musician Héctor Molina will offer a demonstration of his instrument in a performance of traditional works of his home country, along with his own compositions.

Traditional Venezuelian, Zumba que zumba
Héctor Molina, Quihubo chareto
Héctor Molina, La casa amarilla de El Entable
Héctor Molina, Código +58
Raúl Delgado Estévez, El Preñaíto
Héctor Molina, Travesía
Traditional Venezuelian, Entreverao llanero


Mask is no longer mandatory. The choice to wear it remains at the discretion of each person.
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