Good Night!

Cinquième Salle March 24, 2024

A show for children of ages 3 to 103… with no chance of anyone falling asleep!

It’s evening... time for bed. BUT WE DON’T WANT TO! The bed isn’t comfortable enough, the pillow has a mind of its own, the blanket is too short, our pyjamas are putting up a struggle… and the comforter has chosen tonight of all nights to learn how to fly! When you don’t want to sleep, well, you’re just not going to! 


  • Venue : Cinquième Salle
  • Producer / Presenter : Place des Arts
  • Language : without words
  • Ages : 3 to 7
  • Duration : 35 minutes
  • Creation : Puzzle Théâtre
  • Concept and Performance : Csaba Raduly | Stage Direction : Pavla Mano | Visual and Costume Design : Ivan Stavrev | Puppet : Pavla Mano | Original Music : François Landry and Petya Nedeva
  • Photo credit : Puzzle Théâtre
  • Shows in the Place des Arts junior series are made possible through : the financial support of the Fondation de la Place des Arts.
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