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Pop / Jazz / Rock


Salle Claude-Léveillée April 9, 2018

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Arvvas (a word from the Sámi language which means to work from the heart) is the result of the collaboration between the Sámi joiker Sara Marielle Gaup and Norwegian bassist and singer Steinar Raknes. Joik (the traditional chant of the Sámi people) blends with Americana (a mix of traditional American music, such as folk, country, rhythm and blues, and rock n' roll) to create a unique musical universe. Sara Marielle Gaup and Steinar Raknes wrote all the songs together, featuring lyrics in Sámi and English.

Sara Marielle Gaup is a young, world-class Sámi joiker who has mastered joik’s ancient and modern techniques. Mainly known through her work with the group Ádjagas, she has also produced several solo projects. Steinar Raknes is one of Norway's most prominent bassists, known through a number of jazz ensembles, including Urban Connection and The Core. In addition, he has toured with renowned artists, such as Chick Corea. For a few years, Steinar collaborated with joiker Inga Juuso in the Skáidi duo.


  • Producer / Presenter : Place des Arts
  • Venue : Salle Claude-Léveillée
  • Joik / singing : Sara Marielle Gaup
  • Bass : Steinar Raknes
  • Presentation partner : Festival Immersif de Kultur et d’Art Scandinave – FIKA(S)
  • Sponsor(s) :


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