Arshin Mal Alan - Le Marchand de Tissu

Cinquième Salle May 26, 2024

This event has ended

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Arshin Mal Alan, composed by Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov in 1913, has been and will be a great way to celebrate the rich culture of Azerbaijan.

The plot is centered on a bachelor named Asger, who wants to see and choose his bride before marriage. However, in the 19th century, women were kept at home and, when allowed out in public, they were heavily covered in hijab. Asger's friend, Suleyman, suggests that he disguise himself as a fabric peddler, a sure way to meet women. Asger agrees and starts to visit houses, selling fabrics. Asger meets a woman called Gulchohre and they fall in love, even though Asger's actual identity remains unknown to Gulchohre. Asger reveals his identity to Gulchohre's father, the wealthy Sultan Bey, and asks for permission to marry. Sultan Bey agrees, but Gulchohre objects because she loves the peddler. When Gulchohre realizes that the rich businessman that her father has chosen is her beloved peddler, she agrees to the marriage.


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