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Albin de la Simone - Les cent prochaines années

Cinquième Salle June 14 and 15, 2024

Six years on from L'un de nous, and just in time to celebrate twenty years of songs, Albin picks up the thread that has gradually shaped his unique style.

While the opening track, Les cent prochaines années, gives hope of a beautiful tomorrow, the album is a balanced, even balancing chronicle of wonder and pain, break-ups and the rebirth of love, memories and the future.

This time, the producer he regularly is for others (Miossec, Pomme, Vanessa Paradis, Pierre Lapointe...) has chosen not to be for himself, entrusting the keys to Ambroise Willaume, alias Sage.

By taking this slight step back from his songs, the singer-songwriter nonetheless unveils his most personal auteur album, starting with the cover showing him as a child in his mother's arms.

Sage's guitars and bass, in contact with Albin's keyboards in a more pop spirit, are accompanied by Robbie Kuster's drums, Gustine's virtuoso harp and Voyou's gleaming brass. Albin, guest of honor at the Musée d'Orsay for the Manet-Degas exhibition, will present his first concerts there in early April. Albin promises us the future with Les cent prochaines années as his horizon. And then we'll see...


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