Ainadamar - Golijov | Hwang

Théâtre Maisonneuve From March 18 To 26, 2023

This event has ended

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Ainadamar presents three images, three flashbacks to different key periods in the life of the poet and playwright Federico García Lorca through the eyes of his muse Margarita Xirgu. It features an orchestration whose striking intensity parallels the civil war that raged in Spain at the time, interwoven with the sounds of horse hooves and gunshots, where flamenco accents become the voice of pain.

Spain, 1936. A harrowing civil war pits the Republicans against the Nationalists. The poet turned revolutionary and then martyr, Federico García Lorca, is shot dead by the fascists, supporters of General Franco. He is survived by Margarita Xirgu, his muse and close collaborator, who remembers the man, his ideas, and his struggle.



Crédit photo : Pier-Olivier Pinard
Crédit photo : Pier-Olivier Pinard


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