5 balles dans la tête

Cinquième Salle From November 27 To 30, 2024

When an author and literature professor agrees to have a beer with Canadian soldiers to talk to them about what they experienced in Afghanistan, she has no idea that it is the beginning of a great adventure. At first, the soldiers play the tough guys, but trust settles in, and they start to speak more freely. They take us along into the war zone, sharing their funny, hard, and touching stories, talk about the camaraderie, the exploding landmines, their fears, and their regrets. Their stories shake up the playwright, down to her deepest convictions.

For this project, Roxanne Bouchard immersed herself in the world of the Canadian Army, sitting down with some thirty soldiers from eight trades, listening to their stories, visiting military bases, and confronting her own values and prejudices. How do people live with the memories and traumas of war? This is one of the central questions this text poses, offering a reflection on the unforgettable encounters that can happen when we take the chance of opening up to others.

Before being adapted for the stage, this play was a research project by Roxanne Bouchard, resulting in the book 5 balles dans la tête; récits de guerre, published by Québec Amérique. The director is François Bernier. The artistic director of the Théâtre DuBunker, the company that produced the show, will also replace Éric Robidoux on stage, who was involved in the creation but who won’t be part of the restaging.


  • Venue : Cinquième Salle
  • Producer / Presenter : Duceppe
  • Language : in French only
  • Playwright : Roxanne Bouchard | Director : François Bernier
  • Performers : François Bernier, Philippe Cousineau, Sylvie De Morais, Maxim Gaudette, Frédéric Millaire Zouvi, Joakim Robillard, Lou Vincent-Desrosiers, Éric Vega
  • Assistant to the director : Maxime Beauregard-Martin | Set design and props : Pierre-Étienne Locas | Costumes : Anne-Sophie Gaudet | Makeup : Justine Denoncourt
  • Lighting : Chantal Labonté | Sound design : Antonin Gougeon-Moisan | Dramaturgical consultants : François Bernier and Patrick Sené

Rates and schedule

  • November 2024
    Wednesday, November 27, 2024
    from $33.25 to $65.00
    Thursday, November 28, 2024
    Friday, November 29, 2024
    from $33.25 to $65.00
    Saturday, November 30, 2024
    from $33.25 to $65.00
    Saturday, November 30, 2024
    from $33.25 to $65.00
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