Screen mosaic


Inside-Outside—the theme that inspired 4 teams of UQAM visual and media arts students to create their digital works. 

Juliette Demers-Cyr and Zachary Santagata present INTERZONES, a work that defies time and questions the conflicts between body, landscape, nature, and built environment. 

DANS LA PLUIE by Juliette Dufour-Brosseau and Bori Szekeres is an intimate and imaginary proposition on the confinement and abstraction of body shapes. 

RÉENSAUVAGEMENT DU NUMÉRIQUE is an allegory by Hyemin Kim, Béatrice Morin, and Linda Zheng on the technological means we have of recording and reproducing nature. 

With their tableau REGARD (S), Antony Heyne, Naomi C. Tapia, and Jeanne Tremblay offer a contemporary scene that addresses the theme of intimacy in society, with a gaze bordering on voyeurism. 

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