LISTENING STATION: A laid-back musical vacation
Maryse Boyce - July 22, 2019

LISTENING STATION: A laid-back musical vacation

With its relaxed routine and plenty of getaways, summer is a perfect season for listening to more music. Some will take the opportunity to make discoveries, while others will stick with tried-and-true values they love  – and that’s just fine!


To accompany you all summer long, here are some suggestions taken from the repertoire of artists who will perform at Place des Arts during the 2019-2020 season. Among them are legends like Chick Corea, a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. in soul and funk, and compositions by Genesis.


But the watchword is diversity! You can warm your heart and body with the sunny Preservation Hall Jazz Band, draw on your most beautiful voice to accompany Gordon Lightfoot in his classic “If You Could Read My Mind”, or choose contemplation with Alexandra Stréliski’s piano.

To immerse yourself in nature: Burnout Fugue, by Alexandra Stréliski 

Both feet dangling in the water off a sunlit wooden pier, or on the deck of a chalet, your hands wrapped around a coffee mug and your eyes on the horizon: these are the ideal scenarios to accompany this upbeat but soothing hymn by neoclassical piano sensation Alexandra Stréliski. The piece is excerpted from her second album, Inscape, published in 2018. The musician will appear at Théâtre Maisonneuve on February 13, 2020.




To sing around a campfire: If You Could Read My Mind, by Gordon Lightfoot


There’s nothing better than an anthem everyone knows for singing around a campfire. Whether you’re more familiar with the disco version, Johnny Cash’s stripped-down reprise or Gordon Lightfoot’s sober and poignant version, you will surprise yourself humming its refrain long after the logs are consumed. The Canadian artist will visit Théâtre Maisonneuve this November 30.




At the height of the party: La Fiesta, by Chick Corea


It’s impossible to resist this rousing keyboard number, which keeps dancers on their toes with its rhythm changes. If you feel your guests are getting drowsy after a delicious meal, La Fiesta will help you breathe new energy into the evening. A joyous way to renew your acquaintance with jazz genius Chick Corea, who will perform in trio at the Maison symphonique on October 16, 2019.



To relax in the sun: Sexual Healing, by Marvin Gaye


This ode to sensuality invites you to take your time. An ideal soundtrack for lounging beside the pool when the mercury is rising. Marvin Gaye’s compositions are part of the show We Shall Overcome — A Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which will come to Théâtre Maisonneuve on January 16, 2020.




At the end of a hot evening: There Is Probably Fire, by Dominique Fils-Aimé


When you’re heading home after an evening with friends and the night’s still hot, this song by sensation Dominique Fils-Aimé is ideal. Irresistible percussion, freestyle piano, haunting trumpet and words like “Drop your tears in the fire” are all reasons to succumb to the Montréal artist’s music. This piece is taken from her second album, Stay Tuned!




Returning from a stay out of town: You Can't Always Get What You Want, by The Rolling Stones


Because vacations don’t last forever, ultimately you have to get back to home and work. To the sound of his pearl of rock wisdom by Mick Jagger’s band, it’s easier to prepare mentally for the end of this wonderful break away from routine. You can hear other hits dating from 1969 at Concert for Dignity 2019, this October 17, at the Maison symphonique.




For moments of contemplation: All The Big Trees, by Jónsi and Alex Somers for the Riceboy Sleeps project


Some pieces capture all their meaning when you listen to them in the context in which they were created; this is the case for this creation by Jónsi, which becomes magnified in contact with nature. This delicate piece can accompany a sunrise through an airplane porthole, but it’s just as perfect for a moment in the park, watching the leaves sway in the wind.





Carpet Crawlers, by Genesis



Tumba, by Preservation Hall Jazz Band 



Ko-Ko, by Duke Ellington



I'm Movin' On, by Elvis Presley



I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe), by Genesis





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