Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Following recommendations from Public Health, the shows and public activities scheduled until October 28 are canceled or postponed.
Beyond this date, Place des Arts will be able to host 250 people or fewer. Learn more

Photo credit : Photo : Caroline Bergeron
Photo credit : Photo : Caroline Bergeron

Cinquième Salle Serie

With its bold programming, Cinquième Salle creates unexpected encounters where music, dance, theatre, comedy mix and mingle with many other innovative forms of creation.

Over its many seasons, the Cinquième Salle series has hosted a vast number of shows, including:

  • original theatrical creations, such as Dans la République du bonheur by Christian Lapointe, 8 by Mani Soleymanlou, and Gloucester by Simon Boudreault;
  • comedians such as Adib Alkhalidey and Louis T;
  • contemporary creations and cult hits such as Poésie, sandwichs et autres soirs qui penchent by Loui Mauffette;
  • contemporary dance from near and far with promoter Danse Danse;
  • musical artists such as singers Tanya Tagaq, Philippe B, Chloé Sainte-Marie, Keith Kouna, Plume Latraverse, Robert Charlebois, Fanny Bloom;
  • and many other concerts and shows touching on multidisciplinary art forms.

Many festivals, such as the Festival TransAmériques, the Festival du Monde Arabe, the Festival international de la littérature and the Festival Quartiers Danses present their programs’ shows and major creations at Cinquième Salle every year.

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