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Red Sky Performance - Backbone

Cinquième Salle From March 19 To 23, 2019

This event has ended

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For 20 years, this Toronto-based company directed by Sandra Laronde has been the bold proponent of a living and contemporary art form steeped in the cultures and visions of Indigenous peoples from around the world. Inspired by the chain of mountain ranges stretching from the Rockies to the Andes, and known as the “spine of the Americas”, Backbone conveys an electrical and physical connection to the land. The powerful, compelling musical score enwraps the performers’ bodies; percussion, throat singing and layers of sound interweave to create a rhythmic backdrop. In highly physical, almost acrobatic solos, duets, and ensembles, the dancers—hailing from Canada, New Zealand and Mongolia—interpret nature’s spine and landscapes, and embody mapping and cartography. A veritable seismic tremor, Backbone pulsates to a visceral and universal momentum that is irresistibly hypnotic and spellbinding.


  • Producer / Presenter : Danse Danse
  • Venue : Cinquième Salle
  • Choreographers : Sandra Laronde, Jera Wolfe, Ageer
  • Origin : Toronto
  • Duration : 60 minutes
  • Photo credit : Rita Taylor - Dancer : Jera Wolfe
  • Meet the artists : March 20 and 22



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