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Cinquième Salle From April 28 To 29, 2018

This event has ended

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Crumpled paper, folded paper, twisted paper, torn paper; a never ending cycle where figures appear out of nowhere, transform, perish - and are resurrected.

The tale starts with emptiness. A bare stage. Suddenly things begin to happen. A crunching sound as paper comes to life and assumes the form of various characters. What kind of characters? Well, as when children play, they can assume any form at all.

After his success with the acclaimed Les Funambules (2014), director and choreographer Bernard Cauchard returns to Marionnetteatern. "The stage is set for a playful mixture of movement and puppetry in which every performance is unique, created in the moment by the company", says Bernard Cauchard.

Four experienced actors with backgrounds steeped in puppetry, acting, mime and circus each add their own individual and highly specialized skills to the performance.

Marionnetteatern Kulturhuset Stadsteaternhas for more than fifty years offered qualified puppet theatre for young and old. Nevertheless, the company continues to push the boundaries and surprise its audience.

Warning: speechless show


  • Producer / Presenter : Marionnetteatern Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
  • Venue : Cinquième Salle
  • For kids : 4 years and up
  • Original title : PAPPER – en ordlös saga om livet
  • Director, choreographer and musical collage : Bernard Cauchard
  • Scenography and costumes : Märta Fallenius
  • Light design : Josefin Hinders
  • On stage : Malin Halland, Siri Hamari, Helena Nilsson, Kay Tinbäck Du Rées
  • Sponsor(s) :
This activity is presented thanks to the financial support of the
Fondation de la Place des Arts


Photo : Petra Hellberg
Photo : Petra Hellberg
Photo : Petra Hellberg



"It's hard not to be enchanted", "If Ingmar Bergman had invented the "Teletubbies" it would have looked like this."


"…just as much visual art, as installation, dance and communicative non verbal theatre."


"... A wonderful lumpy paper world of soaring birds, fluttering butterflies, an army of tiny figures, and a majestic sea turtle swimming.", "…dreamy, rustling motion poetry"

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