Meeting of the minds: Taking care of life

Maison symphonique April 13, 2019

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Event in French only.

Karuna Canada is partnering with Emergences Belgium to present you a very first Quebec edition of this great meeting of the minds.

For 10 years in Brussels, the Émergences Days are, in the French-speaking world, the reference event of meetings around the great questions of our time, mindfulness, positive psychology, altruism, fear and committed meditation. interdisciplinary and lively way by mixing philosophy, psychology, ecology, neurosciences and arts. Join thousands of people in a warm atmosphere to reveal answers to the question:


Matthieu Ricard, Nicole Bordeleau, Rémi Tremblay, Jean-Marie Lapointe, Martin Gibert, Ilios Kotsou, Alexandre Jollien, Steven Laureys, Caroline Lesire, Ozan Aksoyek, Eve Ricard, Jean-Luc Daub and Candice Marro will accompany us with their reflections on how to take care of life in all its dimensions.

They will be accompanied in music by an internationally renown surprise guest.



  • Producer / Presenter : Karuna Canada
  • Venue : Maison symphonique
  • Duration (Subject to change without notice) : 9am to 5 pm
  • Note : A meal for lunch is included in the ticket price. All the benefits of the day go to humanitarian projects supported by Karuna Canada and Emergences. 
Karuna Canada - 2 events package
Karuna Canada - 2 events package

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