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Well versed street dancers meet in a supercharged atmosphere of exchange, confrontation and adrenaline. Hosted by an MC, powered by a DJ, and adjudicated by a jury, the battle consists of a series of competitions of solo dance, improvised according to strict guidelines.

Danse Danse has teamed up with Jack Of All Trades (JOAT), the Montreal-based international street dance platform run by Handy “MonstaPop” Yacinthe, to offer you a high-level battle: eight dancers from Quebec and Canada, a local DJ, an international jury in virtual attendance, and a very lively MC.

Unrestrained yet precise, sensational yet subtle, competitive yet friendly: the battle awaits you!


  • Producer / Presenter : Danse Danse
  • Venue : Webcast
  • Original concept : Jack Of All Trades
  • DJ : Shash’U (Montreal)
  • MC : Etienne Lou (Montreal)
  • Dancers : Phoenix Bright Light (Montreal), Ignite (Montreal), BopnGeek (Vancouver), Grimlock (Montreal), J. Style (Montreal), Abnormal (Montreal), Rawss (Montréal), Icy (Toronto)
  • Jury : Slim Boogie (Los Angeles), SonYa (Paris), Gucchon (Osaka)
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