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Concours musical international de Montréal - Webcast

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The CMIM has never been so international!

For this 19th edition of the Concours musical international de Montréal, 26 of the world’s finest young pianists are taking part in the event remotely. Modern technology and the generous support of loyal partners allowed this entirely online competition where emotion is guaranteed to transcend the screen.

Ranging in age from 21 to 30, from 11 different countries (Canada, China, France, Italy, Japan, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Korea, United States and Uzbekistan) and currently confined in 16 different cities, the competitors, selected over a year ago, can finally show you the extent of the work they have invested in their art over the years.

The pianists will compete in two rounds. The 26 recitals of the semifinal round and the eight recitals of the final round are professionally recorded around the world.

Day 1 
- April 26
Tamila Salimdjanova / Alice Burla /
Ken Nakasako / Suah Ye / Alexey Trushechkin / Dmitry Sin

Day 2 - April 27 
Dimitri Malignan / Stéphanie Tang / Yeontaek Oh / Su Yeon Kim / Francesco Granata / Joon Yoon

Day 3 - April 28 
Zhu Wang / Ji-Hyang Gwak / Llewelyn Sanchez-Werner / Chaeyoung Park / Kevin Ahfat / Cristian Sandrin

Day 4 - April 29
Andrei Ilushkin / Yoichiro Chiba / Anna Han / Jiacheng Xiong / Krysztof Ksiazek / Ying Li

Day 5 - April 30
Kyoungsun Park / Marcel Tadokoro
Announcement of the 8 finalists

Day 6
 - May 10
Alice Burla / Marcel Tadokoro

Day 7 - May 11
Su Yeon Kim / Chaeyoung Park

Day 8 - May 12
Yoichiro Chiba / Ying Li

Day 9 - May 13
Dimitri Malignan / Francesco Granata

Day 10 - May 14
Announcement of the laureates and closing ceremonies

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Streaming of all performances will be available until May 23, 2021, 11:59 pm.

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