Ceux qui rêvent

Piano Nobile January 26, 2020

Created by Jeunesses Musicales Canada

Rediscover the world through the sounds of nature, music and Indigenous song.

A child in contact with the world of dreams meets fabulous characters who whisper to him the secrets of First Nations music and knowledge. These teachings inspire him to create and lead him to share his own music with others. With the evocative sounds of traditional flutes and percussion, this theatrical concert explores the ancestral art of dreaming, which is integral to Huron-Wendat culture.

Aboriginal concert with Nathalie Picard (Huron-Wendat)


  • Producer / Presenter : Les spectacles Place des Arts
  • Venue : Piano Nobile
  • Artists : Évan Launière (Ilnu musician and actor: the child) and Kathia Rock (Innu musician and actor: characters from nature and the world of dreams)
  • Instruments : Voice, flutes, bird calls, rattles, and small percussion instruments
  • Text, original compositions, and arrangements of traditional music : Nathalie Shendaèhwas Picard
  • Stage direction and script guidance : François Racine
  • Illustration : Lorraine Beaudoin
  • Discipline : Music
  • Age : 3+
  • Duration : 35 minutes
This activity is presented thanks to the financial support of the
Fondation de la Place des Arts

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