Beaver Dam Company / Trip The Light Fantastic / Nicholas Bellefleur

Cinquième Salle September 7, 2019

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Kyra Jean Green / Trip the light fantastic - The Smile Club

Can we teach ourselves to be happy? Is happiness something we create or that happens to us? This work examines what drives human emotions and our ability to manipulate how we feel. This work was created in 50 hours with the collaboration of our summer intensive students.

Nicholas Bellefleur - A Safe Space

A Safe Space is an outing with friends, an evening of shared love, it is a safe space open to all, welcoming us simply because we are. But a Safe Space is also a location where all the facets of these humans are unveiled, some more troubling than others. It is conflict to resolve, it is vulnerability to celebrate, beautiful, touching, intimidating, and complex.

Edouard Hue - FORWARD

With his fourth creation, FORWARD, Edouard Hue opts for resolutely experimental self-reflection through which he interrogates the fundamentals of dance. His solo indeed returns to a radical organicness (pulled “from the roots”) through which he feels his own body and its limitations, reduced to a sort of degree zero. Alert to his rhythms and intensities, keen observer of his physical qualities, he reawakens a sense of his own morphology. The solitude of practice leads him to question the possibility that he may be to a certain degree inhuman or unreal, in the double sense of performing virtuosically and of asserting oneself as irreducibly unique.


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