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Cinquième Salle March 25, 2019

This event has ended

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Defined as “having no one else present”, the sentiment of being alone can take many shapes and forms. Through an exploration of the many definitions being alone can have, these 22 portray how individuals can live and interpret this feeling. From feeling alone when surrounded by others to simply feeling alone in one’s mind, “Alone” explores the intricacies of defining what it means; are we alone, lonely, lonesome? Is this state favorable or not to our development as human beings? Through this choreographic work, viewers will be plunged into the deep and intricate portrayal of this “alone” character and, maybe, understand the subjective experience of what being alone represents to each and every one of us.

Dancers: Adrien Mars, Aichatou Erna Labarang, Bradley Auminio, Catherine Prévost, Danniel Thul, Ernestiko Quesada Perez, Jasmina Lazarre, Jason Vallée-Buchanan, Jonathan Karpinski,  Justine Dagenais-de Montigny, Kezia Blanchette, Lily Hilaire, Marie-Caroline Lemieux, Manon Taylor, Marie-Neika Obas, Mycah Christina Alphonse, Shany Tallard, Solene filion-Danis, Stephanie Bouasria, Valentina Manta, Vanessa Lizotte & Wylcharles Pierre 


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