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Pop / Jazz / Rock


Cinquième salle July 3, 2020

This event has ended

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Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Place des Arts has suspended all shows and other public activities until further notice. However, beyond this suspension of activities, certain productions have been obliged to postpone or cancel their shows. The Ala.Ni show — scheduled on July 3, 2020 — has been cancelled. Ticket holders will be reimbursed directly.

Written on the road (between Paris, Mexico City, Los Angeles, the U.K. and New York City, among others), “ACCA” was created by ALA.NI by layering up hundreds of vocal tracks—some imitating the sound of brass and string sections—in order to create an immersive, hypnotic world that blurs the lines between vibrating vocal cords, bowed strings, and blown reeds. Like her previous “You & I,” ALA.NI’s “ACCA” pushes back the limits of her vocal technique. For the second time, she focuses on beats and groove, creating infectious rhythms inspired by Dr. Dre and reggae legend Errol Dunkley rather than Billie Holiday or Sarah Vaughan. Both raw and rich, “ACCA” is almost entirely a cappella, with beatboxing acting as percussion, and ALA.NI lowering her voice with an octave pedal at times to create the illusion of bass. Moreover, the rest of the percussions on the album was created by using beer bottles, tennis balls, ALA.NI’s own body, and the walls of the recording studio.


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