Photo credit : Thibault Caron
Photo credit : Thibault Caron

Au rythme des mots

Niveaux scolaire : Secondaire 2 à 5

Dramatik - Rythm and words

About Dramatik

Known from the hip hop Montreal scene, Dramatik is recognized for his intelligent texts, his rapid flow and his freestyle. With Imposs and J-Kyll, he was a member of 90’s reknown group in Montreal Muzion. In 2009, Dramatik made his first solo album, La boîte noire. While he is celebrating 25 years in the hip hop environment, he launchs his new album, Radiothérapie. From freestyle to double senses master, his unique writing impresses.

Details of the project

Dramatik give on stage a strong performance in which his own experiences and life are the main influences and themes. His franc expressions and words seems to claim high and strong that, no matter your story, everything is possible.

Block Party
Origin of the hip-hop culture, Block Party’s were New York’s Bronx celebrations. Place des Arts’s Block Party will be a fective hip hop event for wvery one. Dance, DJ, cypher, your students will have the opportunity to sing their song on stage to a public.


  • French
  • French as a second language
  • English as a second language
  • History and citizenship education
  • Ethics and religious culture
  • Arts


Educational kit

Teacher’s training (november 2018)
At Place des Arts (Rehearsal room)

Workshops with a hip hop artist (December to April 2018)
At school (Collective writing)
At Place des Arts (Rythm and performance)

Performance and meeting with the artist (March 25th or 26th 2018, 1:30 to 3 p.m)
At Place des Arts (Radiothérapie, Dramatik’s show)

Block Party (Spring 2019)
At Place des Arts


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